Can kids really teach themselves guitar?

Yes! The Color String Guitar Method makes it easy for kids as young as seven to teach themselves guitar.

 The Color String Guitar Method is the most effective lesson tool for a beginning guitar student.

It starts very easily by using multi-colored strings and a rainbow staff. This allows for quick understanding.

The three part series — written specifically for colored strings — includes valuable techniques, music theory and songs. By completion of the third book book, the student will have an understanding of chords, melody, the ability to read tablature and treble clef.

Yes kids can teach themselves. They can teach adults or other kids.  Yesterday I had a 9 year old teach a 65 year old

It’s true. Children can teach themselves to play the guitar.

They can teach adults or other kids too.


“Yesterday, I had a 9-year-old teach a 65-year-old!”

—Jesse Henry
September 26, 2018